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3 Reasons to Get Washcloth Daisy Instructions

You’re probably wondering, Why get Washcloth Daisy instructions?  Well, for starters, it’s an awesome cross between origami and cake decorating!  Following Washcloth Daisy instructions, you learn to fold simple baby washcloths into flowers without having to sew a single stitch…and that’s just the beginning!How to make a Washcloth Daisy

3) Washcloths in a bag make a boring baby shower gift!  How about a baby Washcloth Bouquet of daisies that can even sit in a vase until they are used.

2) It’s a fun, simple, but unique craft to pick up.  In making a Washcloth Daisy, you add your own unique style and coloring to each design and every flower.  It’s a straightforward design with endless potential for creativity.

How to make washcloth daisies1) Because your Diaper Cake needs decorating!  While Washcloth Daisies stand alone, they also make an excellent addition to a Diaper Cake, or a bouquet of Washcloth Lilies, Roses, and Lollipops.

You can find Washcloth Daisy instructions.  Make it a gift to remember and learn a new craft too!



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