DIY Gift Ideas for Baby Washcloth Pandas and Koalas | Diaper Cake Patterns & Videos

DIY Gift Ideas for Baby Washcloth Pandas and Koalas

baby washcloth pandaYou’ve mastered the baby washcloth teddy bear.  Now, this new advanced pattern brings you the baby washcloth panda and washcloth koala!  The cuddliest of the bears offers a fun opportunity to learn this advanced new pattern and bolster your washcloth folding skills.  Not to mention the list of ways to uniquely incorporate baby washcloth koalas and pandas into your next baby shower gift, including:

A basket of bears! Fold up some baby washcloth pandas, koalas, polar bears and teddy bears to gift alongside actual teddy bears in a big cozy basket.  This will cover washcloth needs for Mom and Dad, as well as snuggly friends for the new baby.

A zoo-themed diaper cake!  Alongside a koala and a baby washcloth panda, fold up baby washcloth elephants, giraffes, hippos, monkeys, frogs, rabbits, ducks, owls, and so forth.  With all of the baby washcloth animal patterns, you’ll have a full cake in no time.  This is a great way to give baby washcloths, towels, and diapers all in one unique gift.

Click for DIY Washcloth Panda and Koala Video Tutorial


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