Fold a Bouquet of Washcloth Tulip Flowers | Diaper Cake Patterns & Videos

Fold a Bouquet of Washcloth Tulip Flowers

How to Make Washcloth TulipsBring in the Springtime with a bouquet of Washcloth Tulip Flowers!  Unlike the real tulips growing in your garden, these flowers will never wilt because they’re made of baby washcloths.  Don’t feel like making a whole diaper cake for this next baby shower?  A bouquet of Washcloth Tulip Flowers is an elegant alternative.  You can place your bouquet in one vase at the center of your table, or in many vases and jars throughout the room.  Although these baby shower favors look great in an arrangement, they also stand alone beautifully.  Give one to each of your guests!  You can even get crazy and arrange them in a vase with Washcloth Lollipops, which have nice, complementary shapes to Washcloth Tulips and also have strong stems.  Use any color or pattern you wish!  Tie a bunch of them together with funky ribbon!  Have a blast!

Even though these baby shower favors are simple to make and create a sweet ambiance for any baby shower, Washcloth Tulip Flowers are actually very hard to find for sale on search engines and popular craft sites.  You can, however, learn how to make your own right now with these simple step-by-step instructions.  Pick up a bundle of soft, colorful baby washcloths, find a needle and thread, and learn this fun, new craft!


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