Homemade Baby Gift Ideas for the Crafty | Diaper Cake Patterns & Videos

Homemade Baby Gift Ideas for the Crafty

DYI Baby Gift IdeasWinter’s the time to get crafty!  Whether you’re a seasoned seamstress or just dabbling, there are bushels of homemade baby gift ideas to choose from, try out, and make your own.  You may be looking for a useful gift idea or a clever way to turn necessities into fun decorations and favors.  You may want to make a memorable mobile or handmade baby clothes.  Homemade baby shower baby gift ideas are the ones that stick with the child and the parent the longest.  When you put your love and creativity into what you give, it really shows.  So snuggle up and be inspired!

Of course, we’re going to talk about baby washcloth favors.  They’re cheap, easy, and simple to make.  They’re great for the beginner and the expert, and you can make them your own with just a bit of creativity and effort.  All you need is a stack of baby washcloths and instructions.  You can make washcloth ice cream cones, washcloth cupcakes, washcloth lobsters, washcloth carrots, washcloth dinosaurs, and so forth.  Washcloth favors are fantastic DIY baby gift ideas because they’re so valuable to new parents and they’re so darn cute!

How to make your own Baby Shower FavorsDiaper cakes are also classic baby shower gift ideas.  While it’s easy to find diaper cake instructions for standard, round, and topsy-turvy patterns, apparently a diaper cake doesn’t actually have to look like a cake!  You can make a motorcycle diaper cake!  You can make a train diaper cake!  These patterns are great because they incorporate baby socks and toys.  If you can think of it, there’s probably a diaper cake for it out there somewhere.  If there isn’t it’s up to you!  It’s easier to buy these specialty design diaper cakes than to find diaper cake instructions for them, but if you can find good instructions, it’s a worthy challenge!

How to make a Bib CupcakeWhile washcloths are simple squares and can fold gracefully into practically anything under the sun, Mom cannot survive of washcloths alone.  Bibs, onesies, hats, spoons, and other baby clothes are direly needed, and lots of them.  You can learn how to elegantly fold baby bibs into cupcakes like the yummy diaper cake toppers to the left.  If you want to give onesies, baby clothes, and baby utensils, check out instructions for onesie ice cream sundaes!  These require extra supplies beyond simply your gifts.  You can find foam balls at craft stores and cups anywhere.  You can use onesies, burp cloths, and spoons for these ice cream sundaes.  If you’re on an ice cream kick, there’s also a baby washcloth pattern for that.  It only requires baby washcloths and printed waffle cone paper.

Here’s another great resource for you to learn how to make your own baby shower favors.  You’ll find ideas, instructions, and patterns galore.  Like 101 of them!  There are ideas and patterns for crafters of all levels and inclinations.  You’ll learn how to make your own baby shower favors in no time.  Most of the patterns you’ll find are more advanced, and some require machine sewing.

If you’re a beginning crafter and want to ease your way in with washcloth crafts, best wishes to you.  If you’re an intermediate or advanced crafter looking for a creative DYI baby gift challenge, go for it! From mobiles, to dragons, to overalls, to stroller bags, you never have to look online or at the store for creative gifts when you’ve got your own homemade baby gift ideas right at your fingertips!



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