How to make a Washcloth Carrot Cake and other Gardening Tips

You will be able to transform classic baby shower gifts into…veggies when you learn how to make a Washcloth Carrot Cake!  Your standard awesome diaper cake just not cutting it?  Learn how to make a washcloth carrot cake with Washcloth Carrot instructions.  You can even make a washcloth garden basket or even a salad by adding washcloth peas to your set of washcloth carrots!  Washcloth carrot instructions will teach you to fold a pair of baby washcloths into a beautiful carrot–leaves included–without a stitch.

To make a Washcloth Carrot cake, simply top off your diaper cake with a couple of carrots, or decorate the outer rim with a frame of carrots.  Set up a washcloth garden with washcloth pumpkins, pea pods, and carrots.  Learn how to make a Washcloth Carrot.  Turn a normal baby shower gift into a fun new craft and serve it on a plate!


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