Learn How to Make a Baby Cap and Washcloth Teacup | Diaper Cake Patterns & Videos

Learn How to Make a Baby Cap and Washcloth Teacup

How-to-Make-a-Beanie-Cap-Washcloth-Teacups-Video-InstructionsThis new DIY baby shower gift is a great way to personalize practical gifts for expecting parents.  The Baby Cap and Washcloth Teacup pattern uses a baby cap for the cup and a baby washcloth for the handle culminating in an adorable gift.  Tea party themed baby showers are some of the most popular baby shower themes and this baby shower favor fits in with this theme perfectly.  You can these homemade baby gifts as you would package an actual set of teacups, brings them out on a tea tray, or attach them to your Mad Tea Party diaper cake.

Making your own set of Baby Cap and Washcloth Teacups allows you to play with color schemes and different patterns.  You see lots of patterns and pre-made diaper cake and baby washcloth favor gifts that make use of baby towels, diapers, spoons, and washcloths, but finding a pattern that incorporates baby caps is rare.  You don’t have to pack that gift separately or find an awkward way to attach it to a diaper cake – just make it into a teacup!


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