Learn How to Make a Washcloth Duck Today! | Diaper Cake Patterns & Videos

Learn How to Make a Washcloth Duck Today!

No need to wait for the spring thaw to learn how to make a washcloth duck!  One of the most popular baby shower themes is the rubber ducky party.  What better gift the bring than a flock of homemade washcloth duckies?  Even better, you can fold up a whole family and gift a washcloth duck mother leading her smaller washcloth ducklings on a diaper cake!

This design requires ingredients beyond a washcloth and is a more advanced design.  Don’t let a few stitches and some accessories intimidate you though!  This pattern is made easy with step-by-step video instructions.  You’ll learn how to fold and secure baby washcloth ducks in less than a half an hour, and once you’ve mastered the basics you can use your own creativity to personalize this design and add your own personal flair to it.

If you’re about to throw a baby shower for yourself, a family member, or a friend, you may want to consider a rubber ducky theme for your party and include baby washcloth ducks like the one in the image on the left.  It’s easy to shop for, gender neutral, and encourages all kinds of gifts, from your classic diapers, washcloths and onesies to bath and hygiene products.  Not to mention, it’s a good excuse to fold up a flock or two of baby washcloth ducks.


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