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Show You Care with Washcloth Crafts

Washcloth CraftsMaking baby washcloth crafts for favors at your next baby shower will show your guests you really value their love and support.  Likewise, a gift of a store-bought, assembly line set of baby products will fall flat.  Giving a gift you made with your own energy and hands presented in a unique way is a very real and beautiful way to show your love and caring.  You don’t have to take the time to take the effort to show her you’re there for her with homemade baby washcloth crafts.

Washcloth CraftsDo you have a naked diaper or towel cake in need of decoration?  Check out washcloth crafts for items and ideas to add to your cake.  You can make the most delicious-looking cupcakes from baby washcloths to line the edge of your cake and even perch on top.  A variety of washcloth flowers stand alone, in a bouquet, or attached to a diaper or towel cake.  In fact, washcloth flowers are even better hovering above and beside your cake.  Check out how to work with cake wires here to find out more.  Want to include baby utensils in your gift?  Use baby spoons instead of sticks in your baby washcloth lollipops.  These also work great alone, as part of a bouquet, or on a diaper cake.

You’ve probably seen diaper cakes, bib cupcakes, and maybe even a washcloth lollipop or two.  Yes, sweet treats and pastries make excellent washcloth crafts, but wait!  There’s more…

Baby Washcloth CraftsCheck out the washcloth animal kingdom!  From under the sea to fluttering through the sky, there are so many washcloth crafts to choose from.  You can create washcloth butterflies and snails to crawl and flutter amongst your washcloth flowers, or just hang out in the garden or by house plants.  From those same baby washcloths, you could create a prehistoric island with washcloth seahorses and washcloth dinosaurs hanging out under washcloth palm trees.  Take the party on a safari with a herd of washcloth elephants.  The possibilities are endless!

Washcloth CraftsAllergic to animals?  No worries, hit the road instead!  Washcloth cars and tractors are fun and adventurous washcloth crafts.  Set up a farm scene with a baby washcloth tractor plowing a field to plant washcloth corn and peas.  Arrange a washcloth car garage with parking spots and all!  Fill it with washcloth cars of all colors.  Make a washcloth race!

Just because you’re final product is awesome and looks like it was folded and perfect before it even got to the store you didn’t buy it from doesn’t mean washcloth crafts are difficult at all.  Most of the patterns take under fifteen minutes and a lot of them don’t even require sewing.  If you can follow simple, step-by-step video instructions, you can learn to make baby washcloth crafts galore.  Show your up-and-coming mom you really care, or show your guests you really appreciate each and every one of them and their support with baby washcloth crafts.


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