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Top 10 Washcloth Flower Arrangements for Baby Showers

Washcloth Irises in a Bed of Roses

Washcloth Irises in a Bed of Roses

If you’re thinking about flower arrangements for baby showers, you’re probably not thinking about washcloths and onesies.  Well, maybe you should!  With so many unique ideas, products, and patterns for baby product flower arrangements, why settle for bouquets that wither and wilt?  Baby floral arrangements can be downright useful!  If you’re wondering where to start, here are the top ten to get your creativity flowing.

10. Washcloth Irises

These washcloth favors are simple to make and have a unique shape that fits into any flower bouquet. They can also top any diaper cake.  Typically, you’ll find bouquets of baby washcloth roses, and a couple irises will add depth and texture to your baby arrangement flowers.  Purple washcloth irises are classic, but you can mix and match based on your baby shower theme.

9. Baby Product Flower Garden

Baby Product Flower Garden

If you’ll be working with ample space and can get the necessary supplies from a nearby craft shop (or have them on hand anyway), creating a baby product flower garden is a great flower arrangement for you.  It will take a bit more time, it’s absolutely worth the extra effort.  You’ll need a foam block, a planter or pot, and if it’s nice outside you can even use your garden bed!  You’ll also need wires or stakes.  You can use any baby washcloth, bib, or onesie flower pattern to sew your baby product garden.  If it’s nice and dry out, you can even insert your washcloth creations in with your regular garden outside alongside flowers and veggies.

washcloth flower bouquet

Washcloth Flower Bouquet

8. Washcloth Flowers Bouquet

This washcloth flower bouquet is easy to make and will produce a bouquet of baby washcloth flowers with petals.  They resemble daisies and are classic flowers that look great in any color, in any vase.  They’re more playful than elegant, so for a fun and lively baby shower this arrangement is perfect.

7. Baby Onesie Bouquet


With all of these washcloth flower arrangements, the baby onesie bouquet offers some adorable variety to your baby flower arrangement regime.  This arrangement is absolutely wonderful and is a smooth and creative way to incorporate baby clothes right in with your decorations.  This flower arrangement looks fantastic in a lower, wider vase.  You can use only baby onesies for your flowers, or you could even throw in baby bib and washcloth flowers for size variety.  Another way to bring size variety to your baby onesie bouquet is to incorporate many sizes of baby onesies.  Fold up some newborn sizes, but also include 3-6 month old sizes, up to 12 months if you want to.  Since babies grow so fast, Mom and Dad will definitely appreciate this flower arrangement in the months to come.

6. Washcloth Rose Bouquet

For a classic floral arrangement for baby events, the washcloth rose bouquet is splendid.  It’s classy, creative, and elegant.  It works perfectly as a centerpiece, in a nook, or on a windowsill.  You can buy them easily online or learn how to make your own.  You’ll be able to find step-by-step written instructions for how to create this washcloth flower arrangement, or you can check out even easier video instructions with helpful tips included.  You can use any vase or jar, and even combine them, and you won’t even have to watch out for thorns!

washcloth calla lily5. Baby Washcloth Calla Lilies

These washcloth flowers, like washcloth irises, add more shapes and depth to your baby flower arrangement.  It’s an unusual shape not often found in craft bouquets and they fold up beautifully.  They make great toppers for diaper cakes and can stand alone in a vase, as part of your baby arrangement flower garden, or as part of a varied decoration.

4. Washcloth Tulip Arrangement

This arrangement is funky and fun.  You can use pretty much any color you want to create a bright and bold centerpiece or sidepiece for your baby shower.  With thick stems, these flowers group together easily and are easy to arrange.  They’re beautiful alone or in a bunch.  They look fantastic in clear glass vases, and can even lay out of plates or place settings.

3. Rosebud Washcloth Bundle

Give a bundle of roses for a baby shower gift or present them as decorations at the party.  You can find and purchase baby washcloth rosebud bundles online or make them yourself.  In terms of what you can buy online, this flower arrangement is relatively easy to ship.  It’s not bulky like a flower arrangement or a diaper cake, and it doesn’t require special care for live flowers because, well obviously, these ones are made out of baby washcloths.  You’ll absolutely fall in love with this flower arrangement and they’re just convincing enough that everyone at the party will do a double-take.

2. Washcloth Flowers and Sweet Treats Bouquet

Who says flower arrangements only have to have flowers in them?  Some of the most aesthetically pleasing and well-balanced bouquets require more than one type of visual ingredient.  This one certainly does.  There are so many sweet treat washcloth favors that match and augment washcloth flowers, why not put them all in a vase together?  Washcloth lollipops work best for constructing a washcloth flowers and sweet treats bouquet.  You can find instructions for how to make both long style, sugar pop style, and round style.  Baby bib cupcakes are also sweet additions to bouquets.  They’re elegant, look very floral, and are a great way to incorporate more baby products into your bouquet.  Washcloth lollipops are remarkably easy to find online and not difficult to mail either.  You’ll have a slightly harder time finding bib cupcakes and you’ll have to attach them to sticks yourself, but both sweet treats are so fun and simply to learn how to make on your own you might as well give it a shot.

1. Bouquet with Real or Cloth Flowers Included

This baby flower arrangement takes the cake for number one because it combines all the elements of a traditional flower arrangement with the longevity and utility of a washcloth flower arrangement.  Interspersing real flowers or cloth flowers with your folded flower creations produces a multi-textured and aesthetically interesting bouquet.  It will bloom for a week or two, and then keep on blooming!  You can fold in baby bibs, washcloths, and onesies along with your favorite blossoming flowers.  Make sure when creating this centerpiece to attach your washcloth flowers to sticks that stretch out of the water so your gifts don’t get soggy.

Most of these baby flower arrangements are easy to find online to purchase pre-made.  However, with just a bit of searching, you’ll be able to find instructions and tutorials for how to make these creations on your own.  Keep in mind how much time, money, and effort you have to invest in the next upcoming baby shower when deciding which washcloth flower arrangement will work best for you.  Tackling this craft with your own hands will save you money, save in the hassles and time delays of ordering and shipping, and put yet another notch in your crafting belt.


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