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Top 20 Most Popular Baby Shower Themes

Just like any other coming-of-age party, the baby shower is a landmark celebration of a new mother’s first step into her next stage of life.  Just like any other coming-of-age party, it’s much more festive and fun with a theme.  More and more new parents are choosing to have themes for their baby showers.  This encourages the kinds of gifts that best fit their needs and personalities, and helps their guests to narrow down what to look for in the vast sea of baby products, baby clothes, and baby gear.  Finding a baby shower theme that best suits you is important not only so you can throw the most awesome party possible.  Your baby shower theme will influence the clothes you’ll be dressing your baby in and washing a zillion times a day, the toys your baby will be surrounded by, staring at, and playing with—which means you’ll be surrounded by, staring at, and playing with them too—the books you’ll be reading your child, the movies you’ll be watching together, baby blankets, baby washcloths, baby bibs, baby hygiene products, baby carriers, baby gadgets…you get the idea.

If you’re not sure what theme to go with yet, here are the top 20 most popular baby shower themes new parents are partying with today.

20) In the Wild

This baby shower is a great theme for adventurous parents and those who love exotic plants and wildlife.  You can go Disney and Nickelodeon on this theme with Lion KingJungle Book, and even Dora the Explorer, or you can take a more zoological approach with wildlife photography like cute baby animals playing together or with their parents in the wild.

19) Cute Bugs

Bugs are a great baby shower theme for building baby mobiles.  Dragonflies, butterflies, caterpillars and snails make excellent attachments for hanging down from your mobile and crawling on the frame.  With all of the children’s films and children’s books, from A Bug’s Life to The Very Hungry Caterpillar, your guests can build a library of gifts and find cute clothes for your baby too.  There are even patterns to fold baby washcloths into butterflies and washcloth snails for your crafty guests.

wash cloth cars and tractors

18) Robots

Robots are cool.  Robots have been cool for decades and they just keep getting better.  From R2D2 to Wall-E, your guests will find plenty of baby robot gear and you’ll have a blast decorating for, catering, and playing out your robot theme.  Robots are great themes for geeky, techy, and science-loving new parents.  This theme also encourages high-tech, futuristic baby shower gifts.

17) Transportation

Transportation baby shower theme is a popular boy theme.  It is also perfect for building your baby’s book collection.  Washcloths can be folded into washcloth cars and tractors for baby shower favors with this theme.  Transportation is also a great theme if this baby shower is for your second, third, or even more child and older siblings are feeling left out.  Especially for new older brothers, it’s cheap and easy for guests to add in small but significant car, train, plane, truck, boat, and tractor toys.

16) Your Little Monster

Who says monsters are just for in closets and under the beds!  Monster baby showers are all the rage.  More and more children’s books and movies that sympathize with the spookier side of life are popular and monsters just keep on getting cuter!  This is also a great theme for edgy parents who aren’t into the adorable frills of the baby world.  You’ll be able to find plenty of spooky scull theme swag at stores and online.

15) Dinosaurs

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs?  This is also a great theme for science-lover and adventurous parents.  This theme is perfect for building your child’s library with education in mind, but your guests will also find dinosaur baby clothes, dinosaur diapers, and all kinds of dino baby products.  Instructions for how to make baby washcloth dinosaurs are available on the internet for your crafty guests if they don’t feel like knitting or buying an awesome baby dino hat.

14) On the Farm

As classic as Old MacDonald’s farm, this baby shower theme is super simple for your guests to shop for, up-cycle used baby clothes and stuffed animals for, and to decorate for.  Early childhood-level farm animal puzzles and interactive games are all over the market too.  You can decorate with vegetable harvest washcloth carrots, pumpkins, and pea pods for favors.  On the Farm is an especially great theme for autumn baby showers.

13) Pirate

A Pirate themed baby shower always promises to be a good time for all!  Hey, just because mom can’t drink rum doesn’t mean her guests can’t kick back some cocktails!  This theme gets your guests and you laughing and having fun.  With so much adorable pirate baby clothing and gear, your guests will be excited to treasure hunt for gifts for this party.  Baby washcloth palm trees make excellent favors for your Pirate baby shower.  This theme meshes will with Your Little Monster and you can incorporate sea creatures and boats as well.  This theme is perfect for warming up a cold winter day or celebrating the summer sun.

12) Safari

This is another animal lovers theme.  Elephants, antelope, lions, and zebras are usual suspects in this theme.  This theme is perfect for exotic, adventurous parents.

11) Monkey Boy/Monkey Girl

Monkey Boy/Monkey Girl themed baby showers celebrate the playful new life that’s about to be born and it’s an easy theme to pull off for both new boys and girls without ending up with a bunch of pink or blue stuff.  This theme can be combined with In the Wild for a wild monkey party!

10) Cow Boy/Cow Girl

Another classic and popular theme, a Cow Boy/Cow Girl gets a head start on make-believe.  This theme is fun and upbeat for you and your guests, but it also encourages books and entertainment gifts for your new baby.  This theme ties in well with On the Farm but gives it a lively kick.

9) Under the Sea 

This theme is perfect for parents that love to swim, scuba, snorkel, or even just love fish.  Ocean themed washcloth favors fish, octopi, lobsters and even seahorses make great inspiration for gifts for boy, girl, and unknown babies.  This is an especially good theme for baby washcloth favors.  Baby washcloth octopi and seahorses make great unique and quirky gifts for this theme.  What makes this theme so popular is that there are so many directions to go with.  You can do anything from shipwreck to Finding Nemo.

 8 ) Sports

Of course Sports is a popular baby shower theme, especially when it coincides with playoffs or the Olympics.  Your guests won’t have any problems finding gifts to fit this theme and decorating will be easy for you.   There are even ready-to-ship sports themed diaper cakes available online, or you can learn to make your own.  Diaper cakes make excellent decorations, centerpieces, and gifts for baby showers.  For active parents and sports fans, this makes an especially good baby shower theme.

7) Owl

An Owl themed baby shower is perfect for bookworms, bird watchers, and the intrigued.  It invokes wisdom and observation, and of course those big eyes your new baby will see the world through.  Washcloth owls make fun baby shower favors for this theme.  This theme is simple, popular, and easy to pull together gracefully in a pinch.

6) Eco-Friendly Green

An Eco-Friendly Green baby shower is perfect for parents who are aware of their eco footprints and only want healthy fibers, dyes, and concoctions anywhere near their new baby.  Reusable diapers and baby towels, washcloths, and bibs make great gifts for this theme.  With all of the information available about what fibers and chemicals are easy on babies bodies and developing systems, this baby shower theme is soaring in popularity.  Organic baby products are easy to find even in mainstream stores and your guests will learn as they shop.

5) A Star is Born

Another top-selling theme, A Star is Born is a great way to welcome any new baby into the world.  You can decorate with suns, moons, stars, planets, and even space ships if you want.  This is also a great theme if you want to incorporate your new baby’s zodiac sign or birth stone into the party.Washcloth Duck for Baby shower

4) Rubber Ducky

For baby hygiene products, this is probably the best theme for you.  A Rubber Ducky baby shower theme just screams bathroom.  You’ll find yourself loaded with baby bath products, rubber ducky onesies, towels, washcloths, washcloths shaped into ducks and even rubber duckies.  Learn how to make a duck made out of baby washcloths here.  This theme is classic, easy to shop for, and always adorable.


3) Flowers

Always a classic, a Flower theme baby shower is simple, elegant, and easy to shop and decorate for.  This theme is especially good for new parents who love to garden.  Washcloth tulips, daisies, roses, and lilies are just a few of the favors you can incorporate into this baby shower.  What better way to symbolize the blossoming of a new life?

2) Ladybug

Though also a cute bug, the Ladybug baby shower theme stands alone as a very popular party.  The Ladybug theme is a great way to celebrate your new baby girl without too much pink, and adds a playful and sassy spark.

Candy Buffet Sweet treats1) Baby Shower Candy Buffet

Inspired by snacks and a sweet tooth, this theme is another simple and low-maintenance baby shower theme.  This is the perfect theme for diaper cake gifts and centerpieces, trays of washcloth cupcakes, and bouquets of washcloth lollipops.  Pastel colors fold in perfectly to this theme and it also encourages baby eating utensil gifts.  Light blues and pinks make excellent cupcake, lollipop, and ice cream favors and flavors for your party.

Remember, the most important aspect of your baby shower theme is you.  What do you want for your child?  What do you need most?  What do you want to be dressing your child in, exposing your child to, washing every day, and looking at for the next few years?  What do you want to share with your new child?  Baby showers are supposed to be fun!  Enjoy planning for and being at yours to the fullest!


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