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Top 3 Reasons to Use Cake Wires for Diaper Cakes

cake wires for diaper cakesAdd a new dimension to your project using cake wires for diaper cakes.  And here’s why!

3) Nowhere left on your diaper cake to attach your washcloth daisy?  How about floating gracefully around the outside of it?  With cake wires for diaper cakes, you can fit every piece of your gift creatively on a diaper cake; bibs, spoons, washcloths, blankets, diapers and all.

Cake Wires for Diaper Cakes2) Enhance your craft and save some cash while you’re at it.  Already-made diaper cakes are retailing for $50-100!  Video instructions for how to work with cake wires for diaper cakes cost a tiny sliver of the price of finished diaper cakes.  And then, you can make as many as you want for just the price of the gifts you already bought.

1)  It’s probably the coolest thing you could ever do to your diaper cake.  Incorporating cake wires into your project will result in a futuristic, extra-dimensional, exploding, awesome cake.  Yes, it will be just as exciting as it sounds!

You can find instructions for using cake wires for diaper cakes here.  Get started, expand your arsenal of diaper cake decorating tricks, and make your collection of baby shower favors into an epic cake creation.



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