Top 5 Reasons to Discover How to Make Washcloth Roses for Gifts | Diaper Cake Patterns & Videos

Top 5 Reasons to Discover How to Make Washcloth Roses for Gifts

Baby Washcloth RoseNo baby shower will ever be the same after you learn how to make a Washcloth Rose favor.  Nothing says love and elegance like a rose, even if it’s a Baby Washcloth Rose.  Especially roses that can be put to work!

5) Real roses can’t clean up messy baby faces.

4) You’re too busy to knit a baby blanket!  You can learn how to make Washcloth Roses in under five minutes with simple, step-by-step video instructions.  You won’t even have to sew anything!

3) Baby Washcloth Roses come in all the colors and patterns you can imagine!  Why stick to red and white and pink when you can make blue, striped and polka dotted roses?  Baby Washcloth Roses

2) Your diaper cake would look better with some Baby Washcloth Roses on it!  Check it out, it’s true!

1) Baby Washcloth Roses are just the beginning!  They have leaves too, and there are many different patterns for different kinds of roses and flowers to make from baby washcloths.

But seriously, Baby Washcloth Roses are simply delightful to make, give, and receive.  To learn how to make Washcloth Roses, check out these video instructions.  They’re straight-forward and filled with helpful and creative tips.


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