Celebrate Springtime with Baby Washcloth Dragonflies | Diaper Cake Patterns & Videos

Celebrate Springtime with Baby Washcloth Dragonflies

washcloth-water-lily-with-dragonflyCheck out this new advanced Dragonfly baby washcloth favor pattern this Springtime!  In under an hour, you can learn how to make a washcloth dragonfly with step-by-step video instructions.  This is a unique pattern perfect for babies of all genders and makes a great addition to your diaper cake.  The dragonfly instructional video also includes another reverse face up version as well.

Washcloth dragonfly instructional video

If using wires to decorate your diaper cake is something you love to do, adding this new pattern to your arsenal of washcloth favors folding techniques is a great idea.  Decorate a diaper cake with wires holding up washcloth butterflies and baby washcloth dragonflies buzzing around your beautiful diaper cake.


Create a diaper cake pond (in a good way, promise) by folding up some washcloth dragonflies with another new pattern, baby washcloth water lilies for a lush and serene baby shower gift.


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