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Buzzworthy Bumblebee Washcloths for Your Baby Shower


Buzzing around planning for your shower? Don’t bee afraid to consider our new buzzworthy bumblebee washcloth. And you don’t have to be planning a bee-themed shower to invite one of these bumblebees to your shower. This new WashAgami® washcloth design will fit into any baby shower theme! Plan your bee-themed shower A bee-themed shower means a […]

Video Instructions For How to Make a Washcloth Banana


Your Baby Washcloth Monkey clearly needs a Washcloth Banana!  Check out this simple new baby washcloth folding pattern for your next baby shower.  Baby Washcloth Bananas make great baby shower favors.  It’s a creative way to give practical gifts to expecting parents. One of the most popular baby shower themes this year is the Monkey […]

Monkey Around with This New Baby Washcloth Monkey Pattern


The perfect finishing touch to your Jungle Safari themed diaper cake or baby shower, the new Baby Washcloth Monkey pattern is cute, fun, and a great DIY baby shower gift idea.  In under an hour, you can learn how to make a washcloth monkey with simple step-by-step video instructions.  Transform a useful baby shower gift […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Take Advantage of Discount Savings Bundles Today


You can learn how to make baby washcloth favors and how to make a variety of diaper cakes, and save money all at the same time with discount bundles.  If you’re curious about new baby washcloth favors anyways, you might as well check them all out at once.  By why, you may ask?  Well let […]

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Learn How to Make a Washcloth Duck Today!


No need to wait for the spring thaw to learn how to make a washcloth duck!  One of the most popular baby shower themes is the rubber ducky party.  What better gift the bring than a flock of homemade washcloth duckies?  Even better, you can fold up a whole family and gift a washcloth duck […]

Homemade Baby Gift Ideas for the Crafty


Winter’s the time to get crafty!  Whether you’re a seasoned seamstress or just dabbling, there are bushels of homemade baby gift ideas to choose from, try out, and make your own.  You may be looking for a useful gift idea or a clever way to turn necessities into fun decorations and favors.  You may want […]

Top 20 Most Popular Baby Shower Themes


Just like any other coming-of-age party, the baby shower is a landmark celebration of a new mother’s first step into her next stage of life.  Just like any other coming-of-age party, it’s much more festive and fun with a theme.  More and more new parents are choosing to have themes for their baby showers.  This […]

Check out Washcloth Rose Instructions Today


Learn how to decorate your diaper cake with washcloth rose instructions.  Maybe you’ve seen thin-style washcloth roses that fit elegantly along the border of your diaper cake.  Well, these instructions will teach you how to make thick-style washcloth roses and it’s just as simple and easy.  Add subtle variety to your diaper cake while keeping […]

Get Crafty with Washcloth Lobsters


Be the first of your friends to make and gift  washcloth lobsters at your next baby shower.  With this new an unique pattern, you can expand your arsenal of homemade baby shower favors and deepen your experience with and understanding of the washcloth folding craft.  Washcloth lobsters stand alone, or you can gift them in […]

Three Reasons to Learn How to Make a Washcloth Octopus


Learn how to make a washcloth octopus today for your next baby shower!  But why, you ask?  Well here are three reasons to start. 3) Jump on this new do it yourself baby shower favors pattern!  That’s right, the washcloth octopus pattern–while simple and intuitive–is a relatively new creation.  Be the first to gift a […]

Leave Trails with Washcloth Snails


Sneak Washcloth Snails into your next baby shower!  Having an outdoor baby shower?  Decorate with Washcloth Snails on the tables and on rocks and ledges around the garden to weave baby products subtly into your ambiance.  These baby shower favors also make excellent gifts.  They make great decorations and come in handy.  Arrange some Washcloth […]

Fold a Bouquet of Washcloth Tulip Flowers


Bring in the Springtime with a bouquet of Washcloth Tulip Flowers!  Unlike the real tulips growing in your garden, these flowers will never wilt because they’re made of baby washcloths.  Don’t feel like making a whole diaper cake for this next baby shower?  A bouquet of Washcloth Tulip Flowers is an elegant alternative.  You can […]

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