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Check out Washcloth Rose Instructions Today

Learn how to decorate your diaper cake with washcloth rose instructions.  Maybe you’ve seen thin-style washcloth roses that fit elegantly along the border of your diaper cake.  Well, these instructions will teach you how to make thick-style washcloth roses and it’s just as simple and easy.  Add subtle variety to your diaper cake while keeping a rose theme with thick-style washcloth roses!  You can use them interchangeably along the boarder, or for a multi-layered diaper cake you can use different styles for different layers.  Or just cover your whole cake with thick-style washcloth roses and leaves.  With such a simple and elegant design, there’s no going wrong!

You can use any color for these washcloth roses and they fit seamlessly with any diaper cake pattern.  You can arrange them in clusters or place one on each side or at each edge of your square diaper cake.  Washcloth roses make great gifts for new moms expecting boys, girls, or don’t know yet.  Set up a flower patch on your diaper cake with washcloth lilies, washcloth irises, and an assortment of washcloth roses to pull the cake together.

Get the fun started and check out washcloth rose instructions today!


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