Create and Decorate with Washcloth Lilies | Diaper Cake Patterns & Videos

Create and Decorate with Washcloth Lilies

Washcloth LiliesAdd an unique shape to your Diaper Cake with Washcloth Lilies.  Are you up to your ears in washcloth roses and daisies?  Is your round Diaper Cake making you dizzy?  Let Washcloth Lilies will put your dizzy mind at ease.  With long, elegant petals and lots of negative space to the design, you can add this texture to the border of any layer of your diaper cake to mix it up gracefully.

Washcloth Lilies fit nicely into any medley of Diaper Cake decorations or baby shower favors.  They pull the cake together almost like a button, making your border look and feel aesthetically complete.

A Washcloth Lily, while unique amongst the washcloth flower designs, is not unusually difficult to make.  In just under seven minutes, you can learn to make Washcloth Lilies with step-by-step video instructions.  Pick up a fun new craft and spice up your baby washcloth favor in just a few folds.


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