Discover How to Make Bib Cupcakes | Diaper Cake Patterns & Videos

Discover How to Make Bib Cupcakes

how to make cupcake bibsYou’ll be folding your baby bibs into sweet treats when you learn how to make Bib Cupcakes!  Most DYI baby shower favors are made of baby washcloths and diaper cakes take care of your baby blanket gift.  But what about the bib?  This integral part of any complete baby shower gift set needs a home on your diaper cake, or on a platter surrounded by other colorful Bib Cupcakes!

how to make a cupcake bibYou can learn how to make Bib Cupcakes in under five minutes following simple step-by-step video instructions.  No sewing, stitching, or altering your baby bib at all necessary!  Top your diaper cake with a spiral of Bib Cupcakes or make a bold border with a row of them.  Add some washcloth lollipops to the mix and make a sweet treat-themed diaper cake.

Find out how to make Bib Cupcakes.  These cute and plump baby shower favors are simply delightful to make, give, and receive.


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