Fly Away Home With These Ladybug Washcloths | Diaper Cake Patterns & Videos

Fly Away Home With These Ladybug Washcloths

WashAgami LadybugLadybug, ladybug, fly away home.

From invitations to balloons, there are a ton of pre-made options for your ladybug-themed baby shower.

If you love ladybugs, and enjoy crafting, then you’ll love our new washcloth ladybug instructional video. Make your shower extra special with these handmade options.

WashAgami® Ladybugs

Transform a baby washcloth into a little ladybug with our newest video tutorial. With simple step-by-step video instructions, you can learn how to fold a ladybug without the washcloth.

It’s the perfect way to personalize your shower. Place them on your diaper cake, integrate them into creative centerpieces, or dangle them from the ceiling! They can also be standalone gifts.

Imagine the mother-to-be opening a bag full of hand-folded ladybug washcloths. After the shower, she can easily unfold them, and use them around the house.

Baked goodies

Cookies, cakes, brownies, and even pretzels can be transformed into a ladybug with your favorite frosting and candy dots or chocolate chips. If you’re going the savory route, you can easily make ladybug hors d’oeuvres from crackers, spread, and tomato quarters dotted with sour cream darkened with food coloring!

Healthy treats

For lighter shower fare, you can serve apple halves with raisins held to the skin with peanut butter! Or you easily arrange berry bowls into a ladybug with strawberries dotted with any spread.

Put a few black dots on a field of red, and you’ve successfully made a ladybug out of basically anything. So, get creative with your ladybug-themed baby shower.

Even if you’re not planning a ladybug-themed baby shower, WashAgami® ladybugs are an adorable crafty addition to any baby shower. Surprise your guests with ladybugs or bumblebees in the flower bouquets, little visitors hidden among the decorations like turtles, teddy bears, or a puppy among the gifts!

If you love ladybugs, you have plenty of options for baby shower decorations and favors. Follow this tutorial, and fold a few ladybug washcloths for that crafty touch. 

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