Fun Learning how to Make Baby Shower Favors | Diaper Cake Patterns & Videos

Fun Learning how to Make Baby Shower Favors

Washcloth Favor InstructionsDid you know that when you master how to make baby shower favors, you can turn a regular baby washcloth into a butterfly?  You could make that same washcloth into a rose or a heart or a lollipop!  You can learn how to make baby shower favors just by following simple step-by-step video instructions. Washcloth Favor Instructions

With instructions for nine different washcloth favors, you will learn how to make a variety of flowers, sweet treats, and a butterfly.  Oh yeah, and then you’ll learn to fold a baby bib into a delectable cupcake!  You will make a collection of baby shower favors, each one in under fifteen minutes.  All of the patterns are stable, but none of them require you to sew a single stitch.

Knitting one blanket or one bib takes a lot of time and effort.  When you learn how to make baby shower favors, you will be able to make gift after gift after unique, playful gift.  Make a bouquet of lollipops and flowers, or decorate a diaper cake with roses, hearts and butterflies!




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