Giving Your Bright Shower a Soft Touch with Lemon, Lime Washcloths | Diaper Cake Patterns & Videos

Giving Your Bright Shower a Soft Touch with Lemon, Lime Washcloths

Citrus fruits are not only fragrant and tasty but also beautiful. That’s why their color palette often finds its way into outdoor and summer baby showers.

Whether you’re planning a citrus-themed baby shower or need a few accent pieces in a citrus color palette, you’ll love our washcloth lemons and limes.

If you’re planning a citrus-themed baby shower, you’ve got a lot of bold, bright colors. With our washcloth lemons and limes, you can keep the colors and soften the texture!

Change up the texture

Picture your outdoor summer baby shower dressed in the deep oranges, bold yellows, and vibrant greens. Now picture the soft touches that our newest washcloth lemons and limes will provide. You can keep all of the great colors with a slightly softer texture when you use these washcloth fruits either as accent pieces, or front and center on the diaper cake.

Make a washcloth fruit basket

There are plenty ways to use these washcloth lemons and limes in any shower, even if it’s not citrus-themed. Pile them into a fruit basket with a few pineapples and bananas, or display them in a small wood crate.

Or, you can place them either on your treat table, or beside the water basin.

Our new WashAgami video tutorial is easy to follow. When they’ve served their purpose in your shower (or any event), unfold them into completely useable, undamaged washcloths.

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