How to Make a Nappy Cake | Diaper Cake Patterns & Videos

How to Make a Nappy Cake

Basic-diaper-cake-instructionsNappy cakes are the latest trend in baby showers; it simply isn’t a shower without one of these stunning displays! These cakes are made from rolled up diapers (or “nappies” as they’re known in Britain), which are arranged and stacked to resemble a cake. They’re a clever way to turn a necessity for moms-to-be into a beautiful centerpiece.

Of course, here at, we think the cutest nappy cakes are decorated with baby blankets and washcloths. cropped square elephantWith our easy-to-follow video tutorials, you’ll learn how to disguise nappies beneath colorful blankets and fold adorable WashAgami® washcloth accents. Our expert designer will guide you through each step, just as she did when she taught Martha Stewart how to make diaper cakes!Baby Washcloth Favor Cone How To   Martha Stewart TV

We offer instructions on how to make a nappy cake in several different styles. Watch our basic 2 or 3 layer nappy cake instructional video for a classic design. Our topsy-turvy diaper cake tutorials will teach you how to make playful cakes with slanted layers. The topsy-turvy cake patterns will show you both how to make a square diaper cake and how to make a round diaper cake. Making a diaper cake base is just the beginning, though! Try some of our nappy cake ideas for baby shower themes.

There are many popular nappy cake ideas for a boy’s baby shower. You’ll be on the fast track to a great shower with a racecar themed diaper cake. Start with a basic 2 or 3 layer nappy cake, using a grey blanket for the base layer and a black and white checkered or sky blue blanket for other layers. Then, fold some of our adorable washcloth cars and attach them to the grey layer. washcloth-cars-washcloth-tractors - CopyOr, go back to a time before cars with a dinosaur themed nappy cake. Decorate your cake with sweet washcloth dinosaurs, baby dinos, turtles, and palm trees. Washcloth palm trees and turtles can also be used for a jungle nappy cake, along with washcloth elephants, hippos, monkeys, panda and koala bears, bananas, and pineapples.elephant-diaper-cake - Copy We even offer a jungle themed diaper cake and washcloth animal video bundle to make things easy. Our washcloth animals can take your baby shower on a safari, too! Try making a nappy cake in yellows, greens, and blues, and adorn it with our safari theme washcloth animals: giraffes, hippos, elephants, and monkeys. For a classic and easy nappy cake for boys, create a nappy cake in shades of baby blue, and add an adorable washcloth teddy bear or puppy.

Are you looking for nappy cake ideas for girls? We love pond themed diaper cakes made of blue and green baby blankets, and decorated with washcloth butterflies, dragonflies, frogs, swans, ducks, turtles, snails, and water lilies. Topsy Turvy Rectangle Diaper cake with flowers - CopyFor a timeless floral theme, make a butterfly diaper cake with washcloth flowers. We’ll teach you how to make washcloth roses, baby roses, tulips, daisies, irises, lilies, water lilies, calla lilies, and a whole washcloth flower bouquet! Your baby shower will be blooming with washcloth flowers.Lollipop-washcloth-instructions - Copy Or, throw the sweetest shower ever with a dessert theme! Create a nappy cake in fun colors, and attach washcloth lollipops (round, long and sugar pop style), candy canes, waffle cones, and cupcakes. We also offer instructions for making bib cupcakes!

Some of these nappy cake ideas can also be used if the gender of the baby is unknown. A safari or jungle theme diaper cake would be well suited to either gender. tropical theme diaper cake with cake wiresThere are many more gender-neutral nappy cake themes. For example, an owl diaper cake will look fantastic at any baby shower. You could also create an under the sea diaper cake with our washcloth octopus, sea turtle, lobster, sea horse, and sock whale tutorials. Or you could celebrate a growing belly with washcloth carrots, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli, peas and peapods, and corn cobs and husks sprouting from a garden themed diaper cake. Perhaps you’ll want a washcloth bunny to munch on the vegetables!

c8266e65a8397757768e05811c2745d9If you’re ready to make your baby shower truly special, check out our nappy cake and WashAgami® washcloth favor video tutorials. Let us walk you through every step as you turn nappies into a stunning nappy cake centerpiece! Learn how to build a basic 2 or 3 layer nappy cake, or get whimsical with our square or round topsy-turvy nappy cake. Then, decorate your cake with our adorable folded washcloths. Follow one of the popular diaper cake theme ideas we suggested, or simply let your imagination go wild! We offer everything you need to fold your way to an unforgettable baby shower.


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