Learn How to Make Baby Washcloth Turtles One Step at a Time | Diaper Cake Patterns & Videos

Learn How to Make Baby Washcloth Turtles One Step at a Time

How-to-Make-a-Washcloth-Turtle-Video-TutorialSlow and steady wins the race with the new Baby Washcloth Turtle baby shower favor.  This cute new pattern is a no-sew process that turns useful baby washcloth gifts into works of art.  Baby Washcloth Turtles are a creative way to give a universally useful gift in a unique and thoughtful way.  You can learn how to make a Baby Washcloth Turtle in under an hour with step-by-step video instructions.  Learn at your own pace and add a fun new pattern to your crafty skill set.

Baby Washcloth Turtles make great stand-alone baby shower favor gifts.  You can also arrange them in a basket with other baby washcloth animals like the Baby Washcloth Whale, Seahorse, or Lobster, as well as with stuffed animals for the new baby to play with.  Make it a gift for everyone – something useful for Mom and Dad, and something fun for the new baby.  Washcloth Turtles make a great topper for your baby diaper cake.  Arrange with Baby Washcloth Frogs, Lily Pads, and Dragonflies for a cute pond-themed diaper cake gift.  This new pattern fits into an Ocean themed diaper cake, or a Pond themed diaper cake.

Learn this new pattern today!  With step-by-step video instructions, you’ll be folding up a brand new gift in less than an hour.  Many baby shower gift ideas take time and planning.  This is a great last minute gift that is also thoughtful and unique.


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