Leave Trails with Washcloth Snails | Diaper Cake Patterns & Videos

Leave Trails with Washcloth Snails

Washcloth SnailsSneak Washcloth Snails into your next baby shower!  Having an outdoor baby shower?  Decorate with Washcloth Snails on the tables and on rocks and ledges around the garden to weave baby products subtly into your ambiance.  These baby shower favors also make excellent gifts.  They make great decorations and come in handy.  Arrange some Washcloth Snails in a habitat with a spread of washcloth flowers in a terrarium or a large glass jar.  Throw one in your garden basket with Washcloth Peapods, Carrots, and Corn.  You can even attach some Snail Washcloths to your diaper cake.  You can have cute creatures around without having to clean up their slimy trails.

Although Washcloth Snails are lovable and simple to make, they’re quite difficult to buy already made.  Even on crafting sites, you’ll be hard pressed to find a baby Washcloth Snail for sale.  Fortunately, you can learn how to make a Washcloth Snail yourself in just fifteen minutes.  Add this new craft to your arsenal today and start making unforgettable baby shower favors.


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