Top 10 DIY Baby Shower Gifts for This Springtime | Diaper Cake Patterns & Videos

Top 10 DIY Baby Shower Gifts for This Springtime

Springtime means baby shower season, and baby shower season means baby shower gifts.  As all of us crafty folk know, this is the perfect opportunity to sink our teeth into fun new do-it-yourself projects.

How-To-Make-Custom-Diaper-Pins-Video-Instructions1) Custom Designer Diaper Pins

If it exists, you can make it yourself!  Custom baby diaper pins are the finishing touch on your diaper cake gift, pinning it all together.  You can learn how to make custom designer diaper pins with video instructions in about a half an hour.  They’re cute, look store-bought, but convey a unique and personal style only someone who knows the new mother can give.

2) Baby Sock and Diaper Babies

These homemade baby shower gifts are a cute and unique way to not only give the gift of baby socks, but actually keep them together in a pair in a cute and creative way.  It simply combines a pampers diaper with a baby sock pulled over the top and tied together with ribbon for the hat, and the other sock pulled up around the bottom as pants, and two googley eyes in between. Sock and diaper babies are the DIY baby shower gift for last-minute baby showers!

Diaper-Cake-Pattern-Square-Topsy-Turvy-dcp3) Diaper Cakes

The epic classic DIY baby shower gift!  No matter if they’re cloth or disposable, new parents can never have enough diapers.  Why not build them into a cake?  Diaper cakes are also great because they can combine any gift you might want to give.  Towels can be used to cover the layers to give the diaper cake a smooth and more cake-like texture instead of leaving the diapers out bare, baby washcloths can be folded into decorations, and there’s always somewhere to put a spoon.  Buying pre-made diaper cakes online gets expensive in a hurry, plus you miss out on all the fun of building a personalized diaper cake.

4) Homemade Baby Mobile

You can do this with a hanger, some string, and whatever cute odds and ends you’ve got lying around, or go all-out with a fancy frame and origami hangings.  The best part about homemade baby mobiles is they can be as personal as you want them.  Whether this new baby will be your new niece, your best friend’s baby, or your neighbor’s friend’s baby, you can pass on meaningful objects, wrap in inside jokes, or keep it light and impersonal while still giving a unique and thoughtful gift.

5) Handmade Crochet Baby Booties

Classic, yes.  The best part about classic is that it’s never gone out of style and there are plenty of free patterns floating around.  The benefit of crochet baby booties is that they stretch with the fast-growing baby’s feet and can be used for months from stretchy but snug, forgiving stitches.  Likewise, classic patterns can be jazzed up with your own unique style.

how-to-make-washcloth-tulips_26) Baby Washcloth Flowers

These homemade baby shower gifts are always a treat to give and receive and always a big hit at baby showers.  You can fold up a bouquet of tulips and daisies, or decorate a diaper cake with them.  The patterns vary and many different flower patterns are represented so there’s always something new to learn and a new gift to give.  You can deliver them in a vase or wrapped up like real flowers for an extra special gift.

7) Crocheted Stuffed Animal Friends

Another gift that’s perfect for babies to be of all genders.  There are many different patterns for crocheted stuffed animals for crocheters of all skill levels.  They’re classic, cute, and cuddly.  Another perk to this DIY baby shower gift is a baby can never outgrow a stuffed animal and they can come to be cherished items to be passed along later in life.

Washcloth_Snail_28) Baby Washcloth Animals

A classic and perfect for babies of any gender!  Baby washcloth animals come in all shapes, sizes, and climates.  They make great gifts on their own, on a diaper cake, or even in an aquarium, bird cage, or other creative means of delivery.  You can find instructions on how to make baby washcloth animals of all kinds easily.

9) DIY Headband Kit

Baby headband kits are available on sites such as and other craft sites, but you can pick up all the supplies needed at your local craft store.  All you need is some cozy elastic material and whatever you wish to decorate it with.  Flowers are very popular, but it’s up to you.  You can also knit or crochet the band if you wish, depending on what is available and how much time you have.

washcloth-cupcakes10) Baby Washcloth Sweets

Sweet treat baby washcloth favors have been a popular DIY baby shower gift for a while, and they’re not going away.  From washcloth ice cream cones to cupcakes to lollipops, these homemade baby shower gifts are perfect on their own, in pastry boxes, or as decoration on a diaper cake.  They’re a great way to fold a necessary gift into a unique creation.
There are great resources available also on other crafting forums to find fun and unique new DIY gifts for baby showers and other occasions for crafters of all skill levels and all amounts of free time.  Baby showers are also great opportunities to keep your eyes open for new unique homemade gifts you’ve never even thought of yet.  After all, a diaper never has to be just a diaper, and a washcloth can be nearly anything from a seahorse to a cupcake.  Happy Crafting everyone!


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