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Top 5 Reasons to Use Washcloth Pumpkin Instructions

Make a delightfully spooky baby shower favor with Washcloth Pumpkin instructions!  It’s the perfect gift or centerpiece for an autumn harvest baby shower or one that falls around Halloween, and here’s why:

5) They can be reused next week as Halloween decorations.

4)   Arrange them with some Washcloth Carrots and Washcloth Peapods in a basket for harvest-themed baby shower favors.  Why not even throw in a Washcloth Tractor to bring in the harvest?

3) Plant a pumpkin patch on your Diaper Cake!  A Washcloth Pumpkin or five make great decorations for your baby shower cake.

2) Knitting a personalized baby blanket takes hours, maybe even days!  Washcloth Pumpkin instructions teach you how to create washcloth pumpkins in under fifteen minutes.  Think of the pumpkin patch you could craft in the time it would take you to knit a baby anything!

1) Feeling crafty?  Embroider, sew, or print in a jack-o-lantern pattern on your washcloth and turn your wholesome Washcloth Pumpkin into a spooky Washcloth Jack-o-Lantern!

Check out these simple, video Washcloth Pumpkin instructions and get started learning how to make  Washcloth Pumpkins!  You don’t have to wait until Halloween to bring in this adorable harvest.



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One Response to “Top 5 Reasons to Use Washcloth Pumpkin Instructions”

  1. laura @ Plumber Camden July 17, 2012 at 12:30 pm #

    This is so cute! I am actually in danger of choosing to live in an entire washcloth world… :/

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