Utilizing Washcloth Cupcake Instructions | Diaper Cake Patterns & Videos

Utilizing Washcloth Cupcake Instructions

Using Washcloth Cupcake instructions is a fool-proof way to learn how to make these cute and delicious baby shower favors.  Have you seen baby washcloth cupcakes on craft sites online or at baby showers?  These simple baby shower gifts retail for way more than what you’d spend on baby washcloths and bibs, plus they’re a blast to make.  Making a set of baby Washcloth Cupcakes is a creative and personal gift that only takes a fraction of the time as it does to knit a blanket or a washcloth.

Check out these easy step-by-step video Washcloth Cupcake instructions and learn how to make these sweet baby shower treats in under ten minutes.  The pattern may look simple by looking at the finished product, but utilizing clear instructions is key to mastering any new craft…and then making it your own!  Master the rules now so you can break them gracefully later, and in the meantime discover this fun and versatile design just in time for your next baby shower!


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