Washcloth Cupcakes Make Sweet Holiday Gifts | Diaper Cake Patterns & Videos

Washcloth Cupcakes Make Sweet Holiday Gifts

What better time to learn how to make baby washcloth favors than the holiday season?  If you’re wondering what to gifts to get your favorite new parents for the holidays, don’t worry, they’ll always need more diapers, towels, bibs, and washcloths.  Make this gift unique and fun for the parents too by folding them into sweet creations.  Washcloth cupcakes are a sweet place to start.  Classic, cute, and simple, you can even incorporate holiday colors when you’re folding up these sweet treats.  A baby shower lollipop is also a great place to start.

Instead of making them yourself, you can also create a dyi gift to give!  Get a set of washcloths and buy your friends washcloth favor instructions so they can learn washcloth folding for themselves!  If you’re feeling extra ambitious, get a set of baby towels and diapers and make a holiday diaper cake with holiday or winter themed towel patterns.  Better yet, if you’ve got the winter blues, make a tropical diaper cake with washcloth lobsters, octopuses, and a palm tree washcloth on top!  Not only will that warm up the mood, it’s incredibly useful too.  Babies go through washcloths, diapers, bibs and towels like nobody’s business.  Make it your business!  Get the new family a gift they’ll really appreciate and make it special this holiday season.  Oh yeah, and have fun while you do it.

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