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lollipop washcloth favors

Where can I find Washcloths for the Diaper Cake Favors?

Here is a video I created to show you what to look for and where to find your washcloths.  Also see list of favorite stores to find baby washcloths for diaper cake favors or towel cakes.

How to choose washcloths for diaper cake favors video
This video should shed some light on what to look for when shopping for your washcloths.

Stay away from large patterns and cloths with a ribbed, finished edge. You need to buy washcloths with surged edges that are 8 to 9 inches unless otherwise noted in each video. The best cloths to buy are plain and I like the stripped patterns for the lollipops and small dots for the cupcakes.

Best Local Stores for Baby Washcloths for Diaper Cake

  • Ross – I buy 90% of the time at Ross
  • TJ Max (Home Goods)
  • Toys-R-Us
  • Right Aid
  • Bi-mart
  • Dollar Store (for rose buds only)

This list is in order of my favorite place to buy washcloths. You have to check back often at Ross.  They really have the best prices.  I always open the package and take one out so I know what I’m getting but remember that the thin cloths make nice designs too.  Look for 75% or higher cotton content.  They’re the best for dying if you decide to take that on.  If you find cloths with stripes or small dots buy them regardless of the content.  They can be hard to find.

Most baby boutiques are willing to order them for you too but you will pay a premium. I have yet to find a good online source. The shipping wipes out the apparent savings you think you’re getting.

The hair bands used in the designs are important too.
I use two sizes; one is ½ inch clear band that’s made by “Goody.” The smaller bands are ¼ inch and have more stretch to them. Any brand will do.

Online Sources for Washcloths to make Diaper Cake Favors

I have yet to find a great online source so if you find one let me know.  This is the best one so far.baby washcloths


Some colors are harder than others to find, for instance, the orange for the carrots.  I’ve had to dye several of my white cloths if I’m making a Towel Carrot Cake that requires the use of 8 to 9 orange cloths.  The process is simple and inexpensive.  Here is a list of the average availability of the cloths I’ve been able to find.

Easy to find:

  • Pink
  • Blue
  • White
  • Washcloths with a pattern (varies of course) – used with the Butterfly

Semi easy to find:

  • Yellow
  • Green (You will need this color for a lot of my designs so if you find them buy them.)
  • Red – Small cheap cloths needed for the Lady Bug.  Dollar Store.

Semi hard to find:

  • Stripes
  • Small dots
  • Hard to find
  • Orange (Carrot)
  • Tan and brown – Palm Tree (I show you how to color them in the videos.  This is very easy.)



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