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Giving Your Bright Shower a Soft Touch with Lemon, Lime Washcloths


Citrus fruits are not only fragrant and tasty but also beautiful. That’s why their color palette often finds its way into outdoor and summer baby showers. Whether you’re planning a citrus-themed baby shower or need a few accent pieces in a citrus color palette, you’ll love our washcloth lemons and limes. If you’re planning a citrus-themed […]

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Recently Hatched: A Caterpillar Washcloth Tutorial


There’s no better critter to represents transformation, transition, and birth than the humble, adorable, and very hungry caterpillar. Whether you are planning a spring shower, or you’re feeling inspired by your favorite children’s books, there are many possibilities with the new WashAgami caterpillar instructional video. Brighten your shower with a spring theme Spring is the […]

Fly Away Home With These Ladybug Washcloths


Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home. From invitations to balloons, there are a ton of pre-made options for your ladybug-themed baby shower. If you love ladybugs, and enjoy crafting, then you’ll love our new washcloth ladybug instructional video. Make your shower extra special with these handmade options. WashAgami® Ladybugs Transform a baby washcloth into a little ladybug […]

Buzzworthy Bumblebee Washcloths for Your Baby Shower


Buzzing around planning for your shower? Don’t bee afraid to consider our new buzzworthy bumblebee washcloth. And you don’t have to be planning a bee-themed shower to invite one of these bumblebees to your shower. This new WashAgami® washcloth design will fit into any baby shower theme! Plan your bee-themed shower A bee-themed shower means a […]

How to Make a Nappy Cake


Nappy cakes are the latest trend in baby showers; it simply isn’t a shower without one of these stunning displays! These cakes are made from rolled up diapers (or “nappies” as they’re known in Britain), which are arranged and stacked to resemble a cake. They’re a clever way to turn a necessity for moms-to-be into […]

New: Washcloth Turtles and Sea Turtles have Come Out of their Shell!


Did you know that turtles live in deserts, rainforests, oceans, lakes, swamps, mountaintops, grasslands and forests, and can be found on every content except Antarctica? With our new washcloth turtle or sea turtle instructional video they can live at your baby shower, too! A washcloth turtle will fit right in to almost any baby shower theme. […]

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Now Hatched: New Baby Dino Washcloth Tutorial!


Stomp your way to an unforgettable baby shower with washcloth baby dinos. Our new WashAgami video tutorial has step-by-step instructions for this simple, no sew pattern. The video is easy to follow and will walk you through the entire process. So, whether you’re experienced in the art of baby washcloth folding or a complete beginner, […]

WashAgami® is now a Registered Trademark!


It’s official, WashAgami is now a Registered Trademark.  Who gives a rip you ask?  Well, for those of you that have a License to sell under Topsy Turvy Diaper Cake® can now use the WashAgami® branding too.  You see I wasn’t just trying to make more money on a License Agreement I was using your […]

Baby Washcloth Candy Canes for Winter Baby Showers


Check out this new wintery pattern for your December baby shower.  Baby washcloth Candy Canes are the newest addition to the DIY baby gifts family.  With simple step-by-step video instructions, you can learn how to fold baby washcloths into candy canes in just under a half an hour without damaging or altering the washcloth.  It’s […]

Learn How to Make Baby Washcloth Turtles One Step at a Time


Slow and steady wins the race with the new Baby Washcloth Turtle baby shower favor.  This cute new pattern is a no-sew process that turns useful baby washcloth gifts into works of art.  Baby Washcloth Turtles are a creative way to give a universally useful gift in a unique and thoughtful way.  You can learn […]

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DIY Gift Ideas for Baby Washcloth Pandas and Koalas


You’ve mastered the baby washcloth teddy bear.  Now, this new advanced pattern brings you the baby washcloth panda and washcloth koala!  The cuddliest of the bears offers a fun opportunity to learn this advanced new pattern and bolster your washcloth folding skills.  Not to mention the list of ways to uniquely incorporate baby washcloth koalas and […]

Topsy Turvy Diaper Cake DIY Baby Shower Tutorials


All the products mentioned in this video can be found right here on this site.  Click on the links to the products under the video for more information. [videoturbostore_vid-id=”1″] Here are the links to the products discussed in the video: Topsy Turvy Diaper Cake Pattern & Video How to Make Washcloth Flowers Video Tutorials (flowers, daisies, tulips) […]

FREE DIY Washcloth Video Tutorial


FREE How-to washcloth craft video tutorial!   Learn how to make a Washcloth Shamrock Clover.  This washcloth craft tutorial video is a well done simple step by step video that also provides you with a materials shopping list to save you time.  The washcloth clover was one of our earliest videos created  so most of the videos […]

Learn How to Make a Baby Washcloth Bear


Check out this new baby washcloth folding pattern just in time for baby shower season 2015!  This pattern includes instructions for how to make a teddy bear and a polar bear.  Although it may look like a complex pattern from the end product, don’t be intimidated!  It’s actually a relatively easy pattern and with step-by-step […]

Make a Baby Washcloth Bunny for Your Next Baby Shower


Try this new advanced baby washcloth favor pattern, the Washcloth Bunny.  With step-by-step video instructions you can learn how to make this cute new pattern in just under and hour.  Although the pattern is advanced, the instructions are easy to follow and you can take your learning process at your own pace. Baby Washcloth Bunnies […]

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