Leap to Learn How to Make Washcloth Frogs this Spring | Diaper Cake Patterns & Videos

Leap to Learn How to Make Washcloth Frogs this Spring

Learn this fun new baby washcloth pattern this spring and fold up your own baby washcloth frog for your diaper cake.  It’s baby shower season and that means it’s time to expand your DIY baby shower gift skills.  The washcloth frog takes less than a half an hour to learn with step-by-step video instructions so it’s perfect for that last minute gift that’s still thoughtful and unique.

Washcloth Frog Video Tutorial

Fold up a baby washcloth water lily for your washcloth frog to sit on.  Get your baby washcloth frog a crown and turn him into a prince.  This is a great pattern for your pond themed diaper cake, especially if you’re using baby towels and baby blankets with frog print graphics.

The washcloth frog is a great gender-neutral baby washcloth favor, perfect for any new baby.  It can top a diaper cake or stand alone.  It goes well with frog pajamas, baby frog hats, and green anything.

Check out step-by-step video instructions for washcloth frogs to learn how to make this advanced pattern this spring.  It also pairs great with baby washcloth butterflies for your semi-aquatic diaper cake.


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