Video Instructions For How to Make a Washcloth Banana | Diaper Cake Patterns & Videos

Video Instructions For How to Make a Washcloth Banana

How-to-Make-a-Washcloth-Banana-Video-Tutorial-jpgYour Baby Washcloth Monkey clearly needs a Washcloth Banana!  Check out this simple new baby washcloth folding pattern for your next baby shower.  Baby Washcloth Bananas make great baby shower favors.  It’s a creative way to give practical gifts to expecting parents.

One of the most popular baby shower themes this year is the Monkey Boy/Monkey Girl/Monkey Baby theme.  Making Baby Washcloth Bananas for your gift for a baby shower of this theme fits perfectly with the spirit of the event.  You can even attach Washcloth Bananas and Washcloth Monkeys to your Monkey Business diaper cake.  This is also a great gift for baby showers for babies of unknown gender because everybody gets yellow.


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